“I would recommend Terri for any position which needs a focused, results-oriented person…”

“Our firm has worked with Terri Meehan over a period of four years for event planning and coordination. Terri has coordinated nearly ten events and communication outreaches to promote our firm within that span. She has exhibited excellent communication skills and a very pleasant demeanor as we tasked her to plan unconventional events such as Frisbee Golf Outings, and Bicycle Race Parties. We have continued to work with Terri because she never gets flustered with our unique requests, which send her in different paths than typical corporate events would. We like Terri’s communication style, which is friendly, but direct. She is a very results oriented person, and always puts a high level of focus on the enjoyment of our attendees. She takes the time to attend the events and gets to know our staff and our event guests, making personal connections that transcend the business relationship.I would recommend Terri for any position which needs a focused, results-oriented person, who can work from executive level instructions to be carried out to detailed outcomes.

I would be happy to speak further on Terri’s traits and qualities that are intangible, but make the difference between an OK event and one that your clients ask to be invited back to.”

— Joe Galbraith, GCA – Milwaukee, WI

“I highly recommend Terri… you will love her!!!”

“I had originally found Terri at Glitz on The Knot and after talking to her on the phone, I knew I wanted to work with her immediately because she was so personable and professional. She went way above and beyond my expectations as a Day of Coordinator. I had originally expected her to help make sure the vendors arrived on time for the day of and that the day went smoothly as planned. Not only did she do that, but much, much more!!!

My wedding was in the suburbs of Chicago and she offered to drive two hours from where she is located near Milwaukee to come to my dress fitting to learn how to bustle my dress. She also drove out on other occasions to familiarize herself with the layout of the church and reception venue. She worked seamlessly with all my vendors and was SO prompt at getting back to me with any questions I had. We never had to worry about anything going wrong because Terri would take care of it immediately. She even took me aside to sew my dress when it was ripped from people dancing on it!

Our wedding day went so smoothly and my husband, family, friends, and I all recognize it was because of Terri. All my bridesmaids that are single even said they want to hire Terri when it comes time for their wedding because they loved her so much. I highly recommend Terri at Glitz—you will love her!!!”

— Megan D., Chicago, IL

** To see images from Megan’s wedding day please visit Kara Schultz Storyteller.

“Personally, her warmth, kindness and genuine caring sets her apart from all other event planning professionals.”

“Terri does tremendous work on every project she takes on.  Incredibly committed, highly organized, exceptionally focused and attentive to detail describe Terri’s phenomenal work attributes.  Personally, her warmth, kindness and genuine caring sets her apart from all other event planning professionals.  I highly recommend Terri for your event!  You’ll be absolutely thrilled with your final outcome!”

— Lori Z., Milwaukee, WI

“She always goes above and beyond on every level…”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Terri for many years now and have attended a variety of events she has put on. She always goes above and beyond on every level, pays the utmost attention to every detail, and best of all, she’s down-to-earth and so fun to work with. I highly recommend using her for your next event!”

— Lonni O., St. Paul, MN

“Thank you Terri — you really did a great job!”

“Terri did an outstanding job planning our open house.  We celebrated 23 years of business partnership and Terri, through her tireless and exacting efforts, afforded us the luxury of basking in the moment and not having to worry about the details. She did it all; press releases, invitations, caterers – the works!  Everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you Terri — you really did a great job!”

— Rich W., Milwaukee, WI

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